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  • Sintagg

    LITAGG INDUSTRIES  has been supplying Sintagg is the largest suppliers lightweight aggregate in India  since 10 years   Sintagg supplied with the IS CODE 9142-PART 2 standard for lightweight aggregates, Sintagg Supplies to pan-India  can easily be arranged

  • nodullar

    nodullar is a light clay pelletized and processed resulting in light aggregates with microporous shell /cellular structure. nodullar pellets are insulating, rot proof, hard-wearing and fire-proof.

About us

Litagg Industries Pvt Ltd is committed to delivering world best lightweight aggregates in India. Litagg is India's leading Lightweight Aggregates manufacturer/suppliers/Developers/Innovators/Importers offers a complete range of solutions the finest quality, high strength, low absorption lightweight aggregate. Litagg as a part of this commitment, we procure the highest quality products, utilize current testing and manufacturing technologies, employ the most knowledgeable and experienced people, Innovative offer of solutions and services and constantly research new approaches that will improve both our process and our product lightweight aggregates.

LITAGG lightweight aggregates are well-proven, high quality, efficient and durable lightweight aggregate suitable for a wide range of applicants in the construction sector. Litagg is various sized granules, each with a hard ceramic shell that surrounds a honeycomb core.

Moreover, Litagg is a sustainable construction material packed with properties that improve the economic, social and environmental performance of a building or infrastructure over its whole lifetime. It combines low density with high strength. In addition, the aggregate holds many other important characteristics, and it can be described as a unique product, providing a huge range of properties vital for sustainable construction.

Litagg  Features

  • Low weight by volume  
  • Permanent thermal insulation  
  • Helps as internal curing agent
  • Excellent fire-resistance
  • Easy to apply
  • Very good compressive strength  
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion  
  • Excellent sound absorption factor  
  • Excellent noise reduction coefficient

Leca Applications

Products offered

  • Litagg / ‚ÄčLECA

    Light Expanded Clay Aggregates

  • Sintagg

    Lightweight Sintered Flyash  Aggregates

  • nodullar

    Lightweight clay aggregates

  • flokon

    Lightweight clay flakes

  • Pumice

    Light porous rock / stone

  • Vermiculite

    Exfoliated Vermiculite

  • Perlite

    Expanded Perlite

  • ‚ÄčPurosil

    Lightweight flakes for horticulture

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