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A special LECA
  • Agri Leca is the Italian-made expanded clay designed specifically by Laterlite for flower-growing, horticulture and gardening which uses top quality and selected raw materials to obtain, besides the renowned advantages offered by Leca, also a very low salinity release.
  • Agri Leca does not contain organic substances, does not decompose, and is rot-free and parasite-free.
Easy to use:
  • Agri Leca can be kept for an unlimited time, without ever changing. Supplied in bags it is easy to use, store, carry and dose.
  • Agri Leca is produced in two different grain sizes, 3÷8 and 8÷15;
  • it is supplied pumped with tank trucks, loose in dumpers or in 50 liter plastic bags (20 bags per m3 , in pallets of 65 bags. Dry weight approx. 440 Kg/m3 (22 Kg/bag) for sizes 3÷8 and approx. 380 Kg/m3 (19 Kg/bag) for size 8÷15.
Specific pH
  • Its pH is between 6 and 7.

Fields of Use

Mixed in the soil or as a draining layer or humidity preservation layer for hanging gardens, flower pots and plants in vases. Filling up of surfaces for the cultivation of vase plants. Arrangement of flower pots, Hydroculture.

  • Agri Leca, in peat substrates limits excessive water retention, enhances drainage and increases the porosity for the air, an essential factor for the proper growth of roots and plants; a humid but not wet soil limits the formation of rotten roots and parasite fungus. Agri Leca does not release any salinity and does not change the pH factor of the mixture, thanks to its low buffer power.
  • Agri Leca does not turn yellow, does not pack down, doesn't change or decompose in time or due to humidity; it's aesthetically nice to see. The quantities for the Agri Leca mixture with peat or the already prepared peat substrate, must be chosen by the flower-grower according to the plant, the peat, the irrigation times used in the greenhouse. Generally it ranges from 20% (1 part of Agri Leca every 4 of peat) to 40% (2 parts of Agri Leca every 3 parts of peat).
  • Agri Leca is the right product for creating lightened draining layers for plants and hanging gardens. In the mixtures with the cultivation soil, it assures lightness to the structure and a water and air reserve for the plants. Agri Leca is perfect for filling flower pots and boxes. It can be supplied with dumper trucks or tank trucks equipped for vertical pumping up to 30 m or horizontal up to 80÷100 m.
  • Agri Leca has a pleasant aesthetical appearance, and has become a must for plants cultivated in vases. The brownish round (not spherical) granules are a natural finishing for flower pots and flower arrangements.
  • Agri Leca is used to fill boxes and assures a constant temperature, drainage, humidity level and no maintenance, especially when the roots stick out of the vase..
  • The soil in the containers is subject in time to pressing due to its weight and the water. Adding Agri Leca significantly and permanently improves its porosity features for air and drainage, thus avoiding the suffocation of the roots and enhancing the overall result. Furthermore, the soil, with 20-30% of Agri Leca, reduces the excessive weight of the containers, yet assuring the necessary stability.
  • Agri Leca is also useful when moving plants from the container to the customer's garden. A layer of Agri Leca on the bottom of the hole assures drainage and the right level of humidity so the plants take root better.
  • Agri Leca is the ideal substrate for hydro-culture. The minimum level of salinity released assures the inertia of the substrate, primary condition for the proper operation of the system. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, it has moderate water retention and excellent porosity for air. The shape and the different sizes of the grains are such as to “bound” well and assure a good support to plants, even tall and heavy ones.
  • Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate ( Leca) is a great growing medium for all plants. It provides excellent drainage as well as moisture retention. Use it as a decorative mulch for potted plants, in ground plants, as an add mix to containers, and as a bottom layer for drainage. It is also widely used in hydroponic growing and is pH neutral. The pores in the stones store water and release water when required therefore providing an excellent environment for root development. Ideal for roses, orchids and all types of fruits and vegetables.
  • Light expanded clay aggregate, also commonly referred to as "grow rock", is ideal for indoor hydroponic growth because of its neutral properties - L.E.C.A. has no acid or alkaline characteristics. Hydroponics gardeners appreciate the neutrality of L.E.C.A. because so many are aware how difficult it is to maintain a perfect alkaline/acidic balance in soil gardening
  • Because L.E.C.A. comes in the form of lightweight pebbles, nutrients are carried to the plant's roots on a continuous basis. Although continuous saturation of plant roots typically results in root rot, L.E.A.C. eliminates the root rot threat because of the distribution of the pebbles - which allows adequate space and oxygen between the L.E.C.A. pebbles and the plant's roots.Pack size: 50 ltrs. (Approximately 18kg when dry)
  • Coverage:One bag will cover approximately 1 Sqm at 50mm depth. Granule size: Approx. 8-12mm
  • Density:The dry density of lightweight expanded clay aggregates is approximately 350 kg/m3.

Description & Application:

  • Expanded clay granules, generally known as LECA (acronym of lightweight expanded clay aggregate), are granules of fired clay, used in construction and horticulture.
  • LECA is made by pelletising and firing clay in a rotary kiln at a very high temperature. As it is fired, the organic compounds in the clay burn off forcing the pellets to expand and become honeycombed while the outside surface of each granule melts giving a ceramic shell. The resulting granules are lightweight, porous, and have a high resistance to crushing.
  • Being a natural product LECA contains no harmful substances, it is inert with neutral pH, The granules are resistant to frost and chemicals, and will not break down in water. They are also non-combustible and have excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.


  • Expanded clay pellets are pH neurtral, and are porous, yet have the ability to store water. The gaps between the pellets provide good aeration for root systems.
  • By virtue of being lighter than normal aggregates clay granules are easier to transport and handle and are frequently used by sports and recreation contractors for drainage and back-filling to concrete structures. Expanded clay pellets are used as a substrate in hydroculture / hydroponics, and blended with other growing media to improve drainage insulate roots from frost. They can also be spread as a top dressing (mulch) around plants to retain moisture and help prevent weed growth.Filtration and purification of wastewater and water for fish farms.
  • Insulation especially under flooring on roofs in particular for "Green Roofing Systems". Heat proofing in kilns, stoves and ovens.
  • As a component in lightweight concrete. and as a backfill to structuresAgri LECA- Growing Media Agri LECA is our trade name for "expanded clay," a lightweight gravel which is imported specifically for hydroponic cultivation.Agri LECA media is the first choice for many commercial growers specializing in flower and vegetable cultivation. Not to be confused with many other kinds of expanded clay which look similar but which are often toxic, Agri LECA is pH stabilized and releases practically no minerals into the nutrient stream; in other words Agri LECA is almost completely inert - except for offering excellent moisture and oxygen capacity to stimulate healthy root development.
  • Clean and dust free
  • Strong pebble structure doesn't crush
  • 4-10 mm pebble size range
  • Agri LECA is available in sizes 10 ltr , 50 ltr , 100 ltr Bag
Agri LECA CLAY PEBBLES (10 Liter/10+lbs)
  • Agri LECA clay pebbles are made of 100% natural clay. Hydroton is inert, pH-neutral, clean and at the same time, decorative.
  • Potting media for Orchids-Used alone or in combination with coconut husk chips, bark, charcoal or other orchid media, Agri LECA porous structure can provide excellent aeration around the roots while its ability to act as a water reservoir will be appreciated by your orchids when water is needed. The size of the pebbles is perfect for medium to large Cattleyas and Laelias.
  • Hydrophonic/Hydroculture media-The capilliarity and the structure of the clay pebbles ensures good root aeration and prevents rotting, excess acidity and soil pests.
  • Drainage -Compared to gravel, Agri LECA is lighter and can act as a water reservoir.Agri LECA can then release the water when its surroundings needed it.
  • Decoration -With its red colour and mostly round shape, Agri LECA is often used as a decorative top-layer for indoor plants and outdoor gardens. As a top layer, it will also prevent the top soil from drying out quickly.