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Light Expanded Clay Aggregate


Lexca is an acronym term as (light expanded Clay Aggregate) which is produced in rotary kiln at about 1200 degree centigrade. LEXCA is imported in India by GBC INDIA.


  • The lightness of LEXCA is for the multi-separated air spaces which exist inside and among the aggregates, density of aggregates, depending on the size of LEXCA, ranging from 380 to 710 kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient for LEXCA aggregate is @ 0.09 - 0.101 and for LEXCA concrete 0.208 w/mco with density of 800 kg/m3. the results have tested for the high quality for insulating feature of LEXCA products.
  • LEXCA aggregate and block are among the best insulating materials and according to conducted tests, sound in LEXCA blocks with 10 cm width and 15 cm width respectively fades 45db and 46 db and refers to relavant standards codes are suitable for most of purposes
  • Since LEXCA aggregates are exposed to 1200 degree centigrade temperature in rotary kiln, these aggregates are suitable ?re resistance and have already passed the practical test during the producing process.walls made of LEXCA blocks (about 130 kg/m2 ) can resist3 hours against ?re and ?re stretch which should be considered a crucial safety element.
  • LEXCA aggregate strongly resists against alkaline and acidic substances and pH of nearly 7 makes it neutral in chemical post reaction with concrete.
  • For closed inside porousness, average water absorption of LEXCA aggregate (0-25 mm) is about 18 percent of volume in saturated state during 72 hours.

LEXCA aggregates are available in various sizes. Four usual gradations are 0-4mm, 4-10mm, 10-25mm and 0-25mm. LEXCA bulk dried density and their applications for different gradations are illustrated in table below:

Applications Aggregates sizes Density (Max)
LEXCA Light Weight Concrete, light weight block, Prefabricated Panels&Slabs. Light Filler, LEXCA Mortar and Water Purifcation system. Agriculture & Aquaculture. 0-4 mm 700 kg/m 3
Light Weight Concrete, light weight block, Prefabricated Panels & Aquaculture,Ornamentation. 4-10 mm 480 kg/m 3
Lightweight Filler Concrete, Sewage system. Landscaping, Agriculture and Aquaculture, Drainage. 10-25 mm 350 kg/m 3
Floor and Roof sloping, Light weight Filler, Road Construction 0-25mm 400 kg/m 3


Lightweight aggregates concrete:

  • In all the cases which lightening and insulation should be considered in buildings, LEXCA light weight aggregate (structural& non- structural) comparing to autoclaved aerated concrete foam concrete or concrete made of pumice or scoria has a wider range of applicability.

LEXCA lightweight concrete block:

  • LEXCA blocks is produced by mixing of LEXCA aggregates, Cement, sand and water. Using of LEXCA aggregate decreases the concyr.ete density


Reduces dead loads upto 30% Thermal & Sound Insulation Appropriate Behavior in Earthquake:
  • Low Module of elasticity of LEXCA Concrete, and having cement base material as well as its mortar, in addition to the lightness, reduces the destructive effects of earthquake on structure. Shapes of LEXCA blocks are designed for conducting vertical mortar in joints which minimizes the rubble threat.
  • Referring to mentioned reasons, using of LEXCA blocks prevents buildings from asymmetric settlement and other detrimental side effects.
Physical Operation:
  • LEXCA Blocks are suitable for any physical operation like cutting, nailing, trans?xing and ridge extending to make proper route for wire, pipe and othe installing components without any cracking.
Speed Construction, Saving time, Labor, and material:
  • For lightness and different sizes and dimensions of LEXCA blocks, walling up could be done in high speed which leads to save time, labor and material.
Safe for Installation:
  • Being chemically neutral, LEXCA aggregate and blocks are the best bed for building installation and prevent pipe and wires from decay.LEXCA blocks are designed in a way not to be only lightweight but cover all required.
  • Lightness, insulating, durability, non-decomposability, structural stability, and chemical neutrality features are collected in LEXCA as the best lightweight aggregate for ?ooring and roo?ng and in the most suitable and reasonable replacement for pumice,scoria and LEXCA built home keeps you warm in winter and cold in summer.
  • polystyrene, moreover LEXCA aggregates are used to mark insulating lightweight concrete for all ?oors substructures under stone, marble or ceramic etc.


LEXCA prepares the best convenience bed for growth of plants due to:

  • Ventilating of the soil and root, preventing soil from evaporation and saving water for sponge like body of aggregate, water feeding adjustment, lightness insulation, chemically neutral, environmental-friendly, cleaner than soil and no pestilential effects on soil, plants or your hands.


  • Being utilized in house waste water treatment as LEXCA- made ?lters, is supported by its features in question.

LEXCA Proposed Mix Design For Roof Screed/Concrete

Aggregates size  : 4-10mm , Volume : 1 m3 , Water Ratio  : 80-90 Ltr/ M³

  • LEXCA(Ltr )
  • #1050
  • #1020
  • #1000
  • 900
  • 830
  • 660
  • 825
  • Cement (kg))
  • #175
  • #150
  • #175
  • 300
  • 350
  • 400
  • 350
  • Sand (kg)
  • -
  • #250
  • #400
  • 600
  • 650
  • 800
  • 700
  • Dry density (kg/ M³)  
  • #650
  • #875
  • #1050
  • 1375
  • 1450
  • 1600
  • 1570
  • Compressive strength (N/mm²-28days/ cube 15cm)
  • #2
  • # 4
  • #5-7
  • 14-16
  • 15-20
  • 20-25
  • 25-28
  • Thermal conductivity  W/mK
  • #0.18
  • #0.25
  • #0.32
  • 0-46
  • 0.51
  • 0.60
  • 0.58
  • Concrete Class EN 1520
  • D 0.7
  • D 0.9 LAC2
  • D1.2 LAC4
  • D1.4-LC8/9
  • D1.6 LC12/13
  • D1.6 LC16/18
  • D1.6 LC20/22

# Recommended for Roof/overdeck/Loose fill Insulation Concrete

Packing : LEXCA (4-10 mm ) : 1 bag= 1OO Ltr = @28-30kg = 0.1 M³

LEXCA Applications

1) Structural Concrete:

Using LEXCA as aggregate, structural concrete can be fabricate in strengths of up to 45 Mpa and the density is less than 1950kg/m3.

2) Blocks:

The LEXCA is used for making solid blocks and hollow blocks of lightwight concrete. The blocks made of LEXCA have the speciality of energy saving and environmental, lightweight and high strength, excellent performance of thermal insulation, acoustic, fire preventior, damp proof etc.

3) Wall Panels:

Wall panels made of LEXCA have the specialty of lightweight, high strength, excellent perfomarce of thermal insulation, acoustic, fire prevention, damp proof etc.

4) Roofs Insulation:

The LEXCA can be used for slope thermally insulating constructior on roofs and it has obvious thermally insulating, easy handle, high compressive strength, can be permanent used.

5) Lightweight fill:

The LEXCA can be used for lightweight backfill for floor, kitchen, washroom, pipeline and soft roadbed. It can enhance the heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and reduce the dead load. It may facilitates the pipeline arrangement and the installment in the ground.

6) Roof gardens:

LEXCA bulk particle can be used in roof gardens or drainage purposes and for constructing and eliminating slopes.

7) Non-earth cultivation:

LEXCA can be used n non-earth cultivation for flowers and plants. It may grarantee the water and fertilizer maintenance, the long-time soil loose maintenance and ensures air penetration to plat roots. It prevents the soil harden and makes it clean, healthy and artistic.

8) Inside heat preservation lining for chimney, kiln and stove:

Because LEXCA’s good thermal conductivity and certain intensity, it is widely used in the chimney, kiln, stove heat insulating layer.

9) Long-span bridge:

Using LEXCA, long-span bridge can reduce the dead weight, and enhance the earthquake resistance and the supporting capacity.

10) Sewage treatment:

LEXCA can be the biological media in the sewage treatment and carries on the filter the impurity in the sewage. It may absorb the greasy dirt and the harmful matter.